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Our Community Spiritual Leader

Rev. Elizabeth O'Day

  • A minister of Religious Science since January 2003
  • Tripled the size of each congregation she has served within three years
  • A dynamic and inspirational speaker
  • Dedicated to loving spiritual community by promoting inclusively and diversity
  • An acknowledged change agent who leads with vision and empowers others
  • A practical mystic who has a lifetime spiritual practice
  • A grounded and experienced organizational leader.


With a diverse background in church management and development, Reverend Elizabeth O’Day has been a leader on teams that have created successful churches.

Rev. Elizabeth began her spiritual quest in her teens and was a monastic in the Vedanta Society for several years. She has lived in many cultures and most continents including Africa, Asia and Europe. She has also lived in Canada, Mexico City, and all over the United States (from Texas to Vermont, Hawaii, and California to Washington). She has practiced meditation for over 40 years.

In 1981, Elizabeth created the Aquarium Age Bookstore at the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science in California. She was licensed as a Practitioner of Religious Science in 1984, after studying with renowned ministers Peggy Bassett, Linda McNamar, Michael Beckwith, and others. She went on to develop a full-time practice as a practitioner.

Rev. Elizabeth has been a licensed Minister of Religious Science since January 2003. From 2006 until coming to the Center for Spiritual Awakening in March 2010, she led the growth of her Center congregation in Salt Lake City, Utah from 85 to over 350 people. Prior to that, she was the Community Spiritual Leader at the Golden Circle Center for Spiritual Living in California

During her career, Rev. Elizabeth has developed a series of very popular workshops and seminars, as well as volunteering in leadership positions. She has served on Boards, fund-raising and pledge drive teams, and been a consultant to churches for growth and development throughout the Southwest. In that capacity, she worked in many New Thought churches in Texas and California, including Unity of Tustin in California.

Following the lead of Ernest Holmes as a lover of Science of Mind, Rev. Elizabeth teaches from a perspective of synthesizing the spiritual truth at the heart of the world’s great mystical traditions. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership and a Masters of Consciousness Studies degree from the Holmes Institute.


Rev. Elizabeth O'Day

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